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The Best Japan Plug Travel Power Adapters

If you’re traveling to Japan from another country, chances are you’re wondering what Japan plug type of power adapter you’ll need to buy to ensure you can use all sorts of plugs for your devices while abroad.

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If you plan on bringing and charging a phone, laptop, a hair dryer, or any electrical device, you’ll need to make sure you also buy and bring the necessary voltage converter if necessary. It will depend on where you’ll be staying while visiting.

What Kind of Japan Travel Adapters Do I Need?

Voltage in Japan

Japan’s voltage is 100V (volts). Most electronics from the United States are between 110V and 120V and because of this will not usually require voltage converters or a voltage transformer when used abroad in Japan. Usually, these will work just fine in Japan and shouldn’t have any issues with shorting out. That said if you find that a device you need uses 220V, then you will definitely need to make sure you get yourself a power adapter when using it in Japan.

Older Japanese homes may have older 2-pin power outlets.

Japanese Outlets

In Japan, the most common electrical outlets that you will find are 2-pin ungrounded Type A outlets. Many older Japanese homes and hotels will only have the non-polarized 2-pin outlets available in them because these were the only ones available back in the day. It wasn’t until more recent years that the newer 3-pin plugs arrived on the scene, so if you have electronics with a 3-pin plug, you’ll need to make sure that you pick yourself up a travel adapter to use when you travel to Japan.

You’ll find that most power plug options and outlets in Japan very closely resemble the same ones that you would find in the U.S. Japanese outlets and plugs are usually non-polarized by default and both of their flat parallel pins will be equally wide. Because of this, most North American electronics will work just fine by default when used in Japanese outlets and won’t require an adapter to be used safely.

This means that your typical phone chargers and laptop chargers will usually be able to handle a range between 100V through 240V. As mentioned earlier though, if your laptop charger has a three-pin cord, you’ll need to go out and pick up an adapter in order to charge your computer.

Japanese Power Adapter Recommendations

There are a couple of different options available for converting 3-pin plugs to their 2-pin counterparts.

Do keep in mind that typically, going the cheaper route may be more affordable and save you a couple of bucks, but with most electrical appliance types, you get what you pay for. If you choose to go cheap, just know that it may stop working for you mid-trip and we recommend paying a few dollars more for quality and peace of mind.

Be sure to do some extra research on these recommendations before pulling the trigger to ensure they are fully compatible with your device. Checking the reviews beforehand is also recommended to ensure that the quality has remained high.

Cheater Plug

A cheater plug is a great way to be able to convert and use your 3-pin plug with a 2-pin power supply. They essentially turn your 3-pin plug type b plugs into a 2-pin plug, allowing them to be used in older homes in Japan.

If you get a good quality one, it should last the entire trip and be reusable on future trips as well. These plug adapters are usually pretty heavy-duty and are great for tossing into a suitcase or backpack.

Plug Extender

Plug extenders are handy because they allow you to plug in multiple electrical devices and charge them at the same time. This is especially important if you are going to have multiple people traveling with you at once and you both need to charge your phones and laptops.

Global Travel Adapter

If you’re someone who loves traveling all over the world or you plan to do more traveling in the future, a global travel adapter is a fantastic investment to make. These travel adapters are super handy and often have multiple plug settings available on them and will help convert dual voltage for your devices wherever you go.

If you need a voltage converter, they can definitely save you in a bind and help a ton when making spontaneous trips, only to later find out that your phone charger can’t plug into a hotel outlet by default.


Most plugs in Japan are very similar to the ones you’ll find and use in the United States. The main problem you may run into in Japan is that the majority of hotel rooms will only have two flat-prong outlets available and 3-prong cords might pose a problem for certain devices. If you come prepared and ensure you have a 3-prong to 2-prong converter on you, you shouldn’t have any problems and it’ll be smooth sailing.

Safe travels and stay prepared friends!

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