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Flying United Airlines to Japan

Guide to Flying United Airlines to Japan

United Airlines is one of the best choices for a trip to Japan. They have more flights from the US mainland than any other US carrier and ample service.

We’ll cover what you should know and expect when booking with United.

Still deciding how to fly? Be sure to also check out our guide for flying Japan Airlines.

Get your travel gear ready to explore Japan through one of the world’s largest airlines.

How much are United flights to Japan?

The prices, depending on the season, range from USD 800 to 2000 per round-trip ticket.

Tickets above basic economy come with a free bag for check-in and seat choice selection. Additional bags cost USD 100. Seat selection may range from USD 5-25 for economy seats.

United Flights tend to be around the mid-range of flights for flights to Japan. Other airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, charge more for comparable routes.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Tokyo with United Airlines?

According to Skyscanner, the cheapest flights from the US to Japan are from September to October. This makes sense, as these months fall during the typhoon and rainy seasons. You can find tickets between USD 400-600, or even lower.

If you’d like to visit Japan and Tokyo but avoid the rain, the winter season is another option. As Japan’s lowest tourist season overall, it offers plenty of beautiful snowscapes and winter activities to explore for the adventurer from December to February.

When is the best time to travel to Tokyo?

Late spring and fall, specifically November, offer pleasant weather. See the sights in Spring to catch the cherry blossoms that overtake temples and parks, and fall for the changing of the leaves.

However, both spring and fall seasons become packed with tourists.

Summer offers lots of festivals, including fireworks festivals like none other in the world. If you are willing to face the heat, you have a better chance of catching rare adventures while avoiding the crowd from June to August.

There are 2 airports in Tokyo. Should I fly into Narita (NRT) or Haneda (HND)?

Tokyo City has two airports nearby: Haneda (HND) and Narita (NRT).

From Tokyo city center, Haneda is the closer of the two. It is a full 50 minutes closer by car and significantly closer by public transport. Public transport is also half as expensive as Narita due to the distance.

Narita, however, is the larger of the two airports. More international flights arrive at this hub.

Both offer trains, buses, and taxis to enter the city.

United Airlines flies to both airports.

Where else in Japan does United Airlines fly?

Flying United Airlines to Japan to see the Tsutenkaku tower in Osaka

United Airlines currently has routes to 4 cities in Japan, more than any other US airline.

The cities are Osaka (KIX), Nagoya (NGO), Fukuoka (FUK), and Tokyo (HND and NRT).


Do I need a Covid test to fly United to Tokyo?

COVID tests from any flight originating in the USA are not required.

Check the most recent government and airline regulations for up-to-date information.

Does United provide food on route from the US to Japan?

United Airlines serves a snack, food, and beverages on international flights to Japan.

Does United provide free alcohol on flights to Japan?

United is one of two US airlines that still provides free alcohol on international travel.


Prices to Tokyo fluctuate throughout the year. With United, you are likely to get a typical price, neither exorbitant nor cheap.

They offer decent service and have the most options for direct routes from the USA to Tokyo.

United Airlines is overall a decent option for your next flight to Tokyo or Japan travel.

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