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Find Cheap Flights to Japan in 2024 - Compare Best the Flight Tickets

Find Cheap Tickets to Japan in 2024 – The Best Prices

Looking for cheap tickets to Japan? You aren’t alone. People are flooding into Japan by the millions in 2024, and many of them will pay heavy prices to see the amazing land of the rising sun. 

Avoid the high booking flight prices to popular destinations within Japan with this handy guide to cheap tickets. We’ll cover the best websites, the best airlines to fly to Japan, and the secret deals to look for throughout the year. 

You’ll have all the information you need to find the right ticket to start your trip to Japan. Head to Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kansai, and more without breaking the bank.

 Without further ado, let’s explore cheap flights to Japan in 2024 to embark on an unforgettable experience.

How much does a flight from the US to Japan cost?

The cost of Japan Flights from the US

The cost of the ticket will depend heavily on when you plan to go and where you are flying from. 

Average ticket prices range from $600-$1200 for a round-trip flight and flying coach.

Even coach tickets can be much higher depending on when and where you are flying. Book early to lock in prices below a thousand for the popular Spring and Fall seasons. 

Flying in comfort and style will cost you more. Check out our guide to business and first-class flights for Japan to get the full picture.

If you are planning on flying the more luxurious options, booking a few months ahead will save you hundreds if not thousands.

Booking late, even for a coach flight, can cost you up to a thousand extra during peak seasons.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Japan?

The cheapest months to fly to Japan from the USA are September or October. A word of caution – the cheap tickets align with the typhoon season. 

According to Fare Detective, flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 2023 had a low of USD 545 in October. The average price that same month was around USD 950.

Cheap fares can also be found in the winter months. Unlike the typhoon season, winter can be a beautiful, enjoyable, and much less crowded time to visit Japan. Skiing, visiting hot springs with stunning snowy landscapes, and winter festivals draw travelers even during these cold months.

What is the most expensive time to fly to Japan?

The most expensive time to fly to Japan is the summer months. It’s the time when Japan is most active, having lots of festivals and activities. 

Prices in 2023 from June to July neared USD 1800 on average. 

Where is the cheapest place out of the US to fly?

Understand the best airports to start your trip to Japan

Honolulu ranks as the cheapest city to fly to Japan. The Hawaiian Island can have tickets as low as $500 roundtrip. 

Compared to the much pricier mainland tickets, it can sound like quite a deal! The one catch is obvious: You have to get to Honolulu first. 

It’s not uncommon for those with a bit of time and Hawaiian vacation plans to hop over to Japan while they are at it. But, not everyone can afford the time or cost needed for this double vacation strategy.

If flying from the mainland, you are best looking to the West Coast, particularly L.A. Most flights will still fall into the USD 700-1000 range. That’s where budget airlines come in! We’ll cover them in the next section, but 2024 is an exciting year to book a flight to Japan for the new flight deals.

Consider taking a position flight if you aren’t lucky enough to be on the West Coast. This is a flight to get to the right city. It’s a way to save on plane tickets while seeing a city you want to travel to. 

What is the best airline for the cheapest flight from the United States to Japan?

2024 is an exciting year for buying cheap tickets to Japan. It is the year major Japanese Airlines decided to resuscitate the long haul, dormant budget airlines. And, there are plenty of deals to be had from regulars like United Airlines and Japan Airlines. 


Zipair for finding cheap flights to Japan

If you don’t mind taking a hit on amenities found on award-winning airlines, you can now find ultra-low prices previously reserved for regional flights.

Zipair takes off from three international airports to Japan from the United States:

  • San Jose International
  • San Francisco International
  • Los Angeles International Airport

You can see all international destinations on their website here. All their flights from the United States are direct flights.

So, how good are the prices? Half, or even more, of the average price throughout the year. This means you can expect to regularly see prices as low as $500-800 for a roundtrip, and even lower. 

One-way airfare can be had for as little as $270, as we recently found for February on Kayak from SF to Tokyo Narita. 

Keep in mind that you are giving up amenities for these nonstop flight tickets. I think it is more than worth it. Save your money for exploring and get more out of your trip. 

Some of the things the airline lacks are:

  • Ample food service: You’ll receive small meals. Consider packing your own snacks.
  • In-seat entertainment: There are no screens on the headrests. You can stream on your device over wifi.
  • Legroom: There have been complaints that the seats are rather cramped. One example is this Reddit thread.

ANA for flight options, amenities, and price

All Nippon Airlines (ANA) makes the list for the bang for the buck. While not the cheapest airline, it continually wins awards for comfort, service, and dining across all classes. 

They also have tons of flights from the US. ANA flies to multiple cities in Japan from several US locations, including New York, Houston, and Chicago.  Many of thee routes are direct. You can see the full list here.

It can be a better deal to fly with ANA than catching a connecting flight. Considering that your determined travel sites may depend on your travel plans, ANA is a chance to fly directly to them. Osaka Kansai, the city of Tokyo, and Fukuoka are some of the cities that ANA will get you to on your 11-hour to 14-hour flight journey.

What are the best websites to find cheap flights to Japan?

Cheap flights to Japan can be found on multiple websites - check a few to get a great deal

Often times traveling on a budget provides the unenviable choice between traveling fast or traveling cheap.  Instead of a long-haul flight with one or more layovers, try these sites to find flight deals to Japan.

Fly round trip with WayAway

WayAway is a rising star in the world of Japanese tickets. Find flights to Japan under a thousand less than a month before your flight without the heavy layovers. 

WayAway conveniently shows you prices with and without adding baggage, enables multi-city routes easily, and has a plus account for additional savings. Frequent fliers will find WayAway Plus an easy way to save 5% on each flight.

Skyscanner for tried and true deals

Skyscanner is one of the more popular options for flights to Japan. They offer price alerts and a navigation to easily compare flight prices across the industry. 

The wide range of prices and availability shown make this one of the best options for searches for flights.

Using their “last minute flight deals” (also called “book everywhere”) option you can uncover rare deals. Check often to find incredible prices for various destinations, including Japan.

Trip for overall cheap plane tickets

Trip.com is a new one on our list. Its easy-to-use interface and filters make it ideal for searching your trip. Plus, we’ve had great luck finding one-way flight tickets. 

If you are planning on a multi-country trip, be sure to check out what you can save by making your own flight schedule. A one-way flight price for travel in and out of Japan can save you money.

Do remember: Upon entering Japan, you must have a forward flying ticket within 90 days if entering as a travel.

FAQs – Booking Japan flights

FAQs so you can book your flight without worry

How long can I stay in Japan on my passport??

Stay for up to 90 days on a valid passport. Your passport needs to be valid for the entirety of the duration you are in Japan.

Japan does not require your passport to be valid for 6 months post-exit. It only needs to be valid for your intended stay duration. 

However, make sure your passport validity duration meets any requirements from other countries you may be visiting on your trip. Visit the State Department website for more info.

Can I travel to Japan with just a passport? Do I need a visa?

You do not need a visa to travel to Japan. However, visitors without a visa are barred from certain activities, such as working. 

See above for more information.

How can I get around Japan cheaply?

It is possible to spend way too much money on your Japan trip, especially since there are so many ways to save. One of the biggest hang-ups for travelers is that they don’t have the knowledge required, and end up taking the most expensive transportation options everywhere, eating overpriced tourist food, etc. 

One tip to keep in mind for traveling around Japan is the regional passes. Each region has regional passes that allow you to make unlimited use of buses, subways, and trains. Depending on where you are going and how long, you can save tens or even hundreds of dollars on fares by making use of such a pass.

Another tip: There are cheap domestic airlines within Japan, and certain airlines, such as Japan Airlines, offer special domestic ticket prices to foreigners only. 

Do some research and check out our other articles to get the skinny on these good deals.

What are the best cities to visit?

The best is debatable, but the most popular by far are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka. 

It all depends on what you want out of your trip. Here is a quick explanation of the top draws.

  • Tokyo is famous for its sprawling metropolitan might, with towering skyscrapers and epic nightlife. 
  • Osaka has a reputation as a foodie paradise. Plus, you can visit Universal Studios Japan.
  • Hiroshima is rich in history and draws people to its memorial museum.
  • Kyoto maintains the heart of the Japanese culture and takes travelers back to the Edo period of Japan.
  • The mountains around Fukuoka offer some of the best hot springs in Japan and gorgeous nature.

Check out more of our guides for specifics.

Is departing on a Tuesday still a way to save? 

The average international fair price lowers during the week. Tuesday itself is unlikely to save you more money than Wednesday or Thursday when flying internationally.

What is the most expensive day of the week to fly to Japan?

This has a definite answer. Saturday is the most expensive day of the week to fly to Japan and is the most expensive day to fly just about anywhere.

It’s no wonder since it’s the day when people are most likely to start their vacations.


There are many options for airlines flying to Japan. remember to book at least 30 days before your trip for the best chance of a decent price on non-stop or one-stop flights.

It was our pleasure to get you started on your journey. We hope you find the best flight to match your desired destination, and spend next to nothing.

Check out our other travel articles for even more great money-saving tips when visiting Japan.

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