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The Best Dating Apps In Japan For Foreigners in 2024

In recent years, dating apps have increased in popularity in Japan and they can make finding that special someone much easier. Whether you’re looking for something on the more serious end or just a simple casual encounter, there’s an app for that! This guide will take a look at Japanese dating apps and their various unique features to help you decide which ones best fit your ultimate goals.

Short Summary

  • Learn local Japanese customs and which are the most popular apps.
  • Find that special someone or explore casual relationships.
  • Language barriers and cultural differences can be overcome and still achieve successful dating outcomes.

Navigating the Japanese Dating Scene

Both Japanese women and men along with foreigners can find navigating dating in Japan challenging. To make your search easier, dating apps can be used alongside offline events such as Goukon or Konkatsu parties. Both of these are social gatherings where singles can mingle amongst themselves and meet others they might be interested in getting to know more. These parties can help to take the edge off and keep things lighthearted and casual.

Because culture is a highly influential factor in Japanese dating apps, it’s important to put some time into learning and familiarizing yourself with local customs to better understand how you can set yourself up for success. We’ll go into this more down below, but let’s get started!

Offline vs Online Dating

In Japan, the popularity of offline dating events such as Goukon (group blind dates) and Konkatsu parties (marriage-seeking events) have grown in interest in recent years. At these in-person events, singles can meet other potential partners in a low-key and relaxed environment, allowing them to join groups based on similar interests. It can be a great way to meet others and connect with like minded individuals in a stress-free way.

On the other hand, online dating apps have become much more popular and allow people to connect with others with just a few taps on their smartphones. Dating apps allow for an overall low initial effort approach to dating without having to invest too much upfront before seeing if there’s mutual interest.

When it comes to using popular Japanese dating apps, understanding the key differences between traditional experiences from app-based ones is important. Some dating apps and websites allow users to fine tune their results to better align with specifics of what they’re looking for. As a foreigner navigating the Japanese dating scene, understanding what and who you’re searching for can help increase the odds of finding that special someone.

Cultural Influences on Dating Apps

As previously mentioned above, understanding Japanese culture, dating customs, and traditions can help foreigners better navigate the various online dating app options. The LINE app is often used for sending messages back and forth between partners.

In Japanese, there’s a term known as kokuhaku, which means to admit one’s love and it can play an important role early on in relationships.

What Are The Most Popular Dating Apps in Japan?

There are several popular dating apps in Japan and they all were created with a certain particular relationship goal in mind. The most well known are Pairs, Tapple, and Omiai. All three serve their own unique purposes and serve a particular type of target market and userbase.

While these apps aren’t well known out in the West and may not be the largest online dating site options around, they are exceptionally popular in Japan.


Pairs is the most popular dating app in Japan.

The Pairs dating app is one of the most popular options available in Japan. It has over 10 million users and more importantly, a fairly even balance of male and female users. It’s designed for serious relationships more than casual dating. You can filter the search by age, nationality, income, and more when browsing for others.

In regards to safety, the app is pretty good at catching fake profiles and bots and requires everyone to verify their identity. Users with a premium membership subscription get additional exclusive features such as video chat, unlimited messages, and can even see which users have recently viewed their profile.

It you’re searching for quality connections within Japan, the Pairs app is worth giving a shot.


The Tapple Japanese dating app.

Tapple is a more lighthearted dating app when it comes to its approach to courtship. All sorts of users are drawn to tapple because of its “flicks” feature, which allows users to let them know they’re interested, as well as odekake kinou, which is an option that suggests date ideas catered around both people’s shared interests. It’s a very cool and unique idea that often leads to in person meetups instead of conversations just staying on the platform.

Tapple is more popular with the younger Japanese crowd due to its casual nature. Male users are required to pay a monthly subscription fee whereas females can use the app for free without any charges.


Omimai marriage matching service in Japan.

Omiai is another popular dating service in Japan that focuses on users who are looking for more serious relationships. Those who are searching for marriage and looking to settle down often choose Omiai. The primary userbase of this app are people in their late 20s and early to mid 30s.

Users can search for others based on their age, job, and educational background. If we’re comparing it to a U.S. based dating app, it’d be most comparable to a Match.com for younger folks.

Niche Dating Apps for Specific Interests

While there are some solid, more popular mainstream dating apps available in Japan, there are also plenty of niche based apps as well.

These niche apps are designed for specific purposes or user preferences, allowing a more individualized experience for people looking for certain things. These can include LGBTQ+ dedicated apps, language exchange programs, as well as specialized services based around hobbies.

LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

LGBTQ+ dating apps in Japan offer an and focused inclusive atmosphere for people of different sexual orientations and gender identities to find other like minded individuals. Some other Japanese dating apps for this are Jack’d, which has over 6 million Japanese users, as well as 9Monsters with its unique Breeding feature which allows users to find others that match their preferences.

Language Exchange Apps

Language exchange apps can be very helpful for practicing Japanese.

Language exchange apps let users engage in more than just conversation, but also helps many find partners using the various app features. Foreigners trying to learn more about Japan should definitely check them out. Not only will you improve your Japanese language skills and get one on one practice with people who live in Japan and speak fluent Japanese, but they’re a great way for casually chatting with others and making new friends.

Tips for Success on Japanese Dating Apps

For a higher chance of success on Japanese dating apps, you’ll want to make sure you actually pay attention to your profile and take the time to make sure its setup properly. You’ll want to upload good quality photos of you, and be respectful with any potential matches.

Communication Strategies

As with any dating app anywhere else in the world, effective communication is a must. It’s important to be mindful of cultural nuances and language barriers as well as respectful in your interactions for meaningful results.

A few strategies that may help include inquiring open-ended questions so the conversation continues, showing genuine interest in their hobbies or life experiences, and steering clear of any topics that you’re not too confident in quite yet. But be honest! If you’re still very new to the Japanese culture, there’s no shame in letting them know and asking for advice to learn more and better understand.

Common Challenges for Foreigners Using Dating Apps in Japan

For foreigners using dating apps in Japan, certain challenges can pop up due to language barriers or cultural differences. We’ll break down some of these common pitfalls and hopefully help you avoid making any unnecessary mistakes yourself.

Language Barriers

Using the best dating site and app options in Japan can be a real challenge for foreigners due to language barriers. As many locals may not speak English fluently, forming connections and communicating effectively can be difficult.

You can usually get away with using language translation tools like Google Translate, but do keep in mind that it will be pretty obvious to the person on the other end that your Japanese isn’t great. This will become even more apparent if you ever decide to meet in person, so make sure you’re honest with anyone you talk to from the start.

This is where practicing your Japanese on a language exchange app can be very helpful. It can allow you to understand more common phrases and learn basic communication and best practices. Knowing the language can be an effective way of improving both communication and connection with potential matches from the country.

Understanding patience when faced with different cultures is also essential to having respectful conversations. Investing time into learning the local’s tongue offers you more meaningful interactions than just by using Google Translate and merely trying to get by.

Cultural Differences

Various cultural differences can make dating in Japan difficult to navigate.

Navigating the differences between cultures can be tough when using dating apps in Japan. In order to really connect with others, you’ll need to at least somewhat to understand but definitely be able to respect Japanese customs and their methods of communication. This means understanding certain social expectations within the culture as well.

To bridge the gap between cultures, taking time to research Japanese culture while being open-minded to new experiences and ways of life will go far when connecting with Japanese citizens. It’ll not only lead to deeper more meaningful connections, but can also broaden your knowledge on traditional values from Japan itself. If you plan on living there, this is key!

Location-Based Limitations

It can be difficult for foreigners to use dating apps in Japan if they aren’t located in certain central major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Those who live in other areas may not find as many matches.


For those seeking a serious relationship or just looking to have some fun, Japanese dating apps can be a convenient option. By being mindful of the cultural context, you can improve your chances of meeting someone who’s a good match. From casual encounters to meaningful relationships, there’s an app for just about any intent you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dating Apps Do Japanese People Use?

Popular dating apps such as Pairs, Tapple, and Omiai are highly used in Japan. Pairs alone claims to have 10 million members (two times the amount of users on Omiai), making it the most popular option. Among the younger crowd, Tapple is definitely the more popular of the 3 Japanese dating apps.

Does Japan Have A Tinder?

Younger generations in Japan do use Tinder, though Pairs is actually the more popular choice. Like in the United States, Tinder is most commonly used for casual dating than for something more long term.

How Can I Overcome Language Barriers When Using Japanese Dating Apps?

You may want to consider using a basic language translator tool like Google Translator, however you also might want to try out some of the popular language exchange apps that are available to improve your Japanese by talking to other people who live there.

What Cultural Differences Should I Be Aware of When Using Dating Apps In Japan?

When using dating apps in Japan, it is important to be conscious of the language used and topics discussed as well as communication styles, customs, and societal norms. Be considerate towards the Japanese culture and be sure to pay attention to how conversations flow while being respectful. Be sure to check out our full guide to Japanese dating culture.

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